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Videos, audios and pictures are supported to help you fully understand the questions and learn from mistakes

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The result shows a full picture of learner’s data analysis in different categories, duration of taking a mock exam and overall performance

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Upskilling Roadmap For Professional Advancements

What are your career options?
How to achieve short- and long-term career goals?
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How to speed up your career advancement?


Certification Mock Exams for Upskilling


Certification mock exam available on mobile and laptops

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You are ready to take the exam right after practising the Bee-Pro mock exams.
Joining Bee-Elite helps me to get relevant job opportunities with a higher salary just in one click.
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It motivated and rewarded me for passing the exam so I did not have to worry about the cost of exam prep.


Q1: Steps and how it works for Bee-Pro mock exam practice?

Ans: 1) find the mock exams 2) select subscription plan 3) the login details will be sent in 1 working day


Q2: Are mock exams on Bee-Pro in English or in Chinese?

Ans: In English


Q3: Can I get a hard copy or download a pdf of the Bee-Pro mock exam?

Ans: Sorry, we only provide online mock exams


Q4: Do the Bee-Pro mock exams provide answers and explanations?

Ans: Yes, detailed explanations which help you understand the answers are provided


Q5: Can I practice Bee-Pro mock exams on laptops and mobile phones at the same time?

Ans: Yes, all you need to do is to log in to access the mock exams


Q6: How long do I have to practice Bee-Pro mock exams?

Ans: It’s up to you. If you think you need to practice for 3 months, you can select subscription plan quarterly x 1


Q7: How to get Bee-Care rewards after I have passed the exam?

Ans: There is a reward form for you to submit the exam result on the Bee-Care page


Q8: Can I join Bee-Elite for free?

Ans: Yes, you can still get limited free resources by joining Bee-Elite membership for free


Q9: How to cancel my Bee-Elite membership?

Ans: Please send us an email providing your Bee-Elite member number and mentioning you are requesting a subscription to [email protected]. The cancellation will be made in 3 working days.

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Join Bee-Pro/ Bee-Elite membership
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Pass the certification exam within the protection period
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> Bee-Pro: 1-month protection

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Bee assistant will contact in 2 working days