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1. In a hybrid project, 100 new base stations are being added to a 4G mobile network every month. At the end of the first month, the team is behind the target and the operator is losing money. The stakeholders are requesting information on when the base stations can go live and begin to bill. What should the project manager do to take the schedule back and accelerate the return on investment (ROI) of the project?

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2. A team has different ideas on how to address a feature of a product under construction and; although the sprint began two days ago, they have still not reached a consensus. What should the project manager do?

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3. Organizational downsizing has resulted in the key subject matter expert (SME) resource leaving a multiyear project. What should the project manager do?

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4. An external project manager is managing the construction of new corporate offices for a large company. The project management plan states that it is necessary to contract a highly trained external resource to revise and validate an important project component. The client has rejected hiring the external resource because of the high cost even though it is within the project budget. What should the project manager do to resolve this issue?

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5. A team is working on a hybrid project. Due to different interpretations of the project requirements, the deliverables are not aligned to the expectations. What steps should the project manager have taken to prevent this?

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