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1. A group has been working together for one month. During daily meetings a team member continues to express issues in completing their tasks.
What should the project manager do?

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2. A project team with members from many different countries is struggling to cooperate. The project manager accepted these difficulties during the storming phase of team development, but the team has not moved to the next phase. The project is beginning to fall behind schedule.
What can the project manager do to move the team to the norming phase?

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3. A project manager completes a project management plan for a global project due in 12 months. When two team members leave the project, what should the project manager do?

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4. One of a project manager’s team members is continuously improving. This team member has been a role model and mentor to others in the organization. How should the project manager acknowledge this team member’s commitment?

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5. During the implementation phase of a construction project the customer asked a key subcontractor to deliver a work package ahead of time. The subcontractor was not prepared for it and asked the project manager for additional budget. What should the project manager do first?

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