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1. A team has different ideas on how to address a feature of a product under construction and; although the sprint began two days ago, they have still not reached a consensus. What should the project manager do?

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2. A project manager is appointed for the deployment of a new solution. The solution will be
integrated into the environment by a third-party vendor. This vendor just announced a delay in delivering a key component, which will impact the project schedule.
What should the project manager do?

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3. Early in the execution phase, a project manager discovers that recent changes in enterprise environmental factors (EEFs) will severely reduce the implementation cost and shorten the project schedule. How should the project manager address this situation?

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4. One of a project manager’s team members is continuously improving. This team member has been a role model and mentor to others in the organization. How should the project manager acknowledge this team member’s commitment?

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5. A project manager receives a serious complaint from a functional manager about a team member. What should the project manager do?

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