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How to log in Full Version Mock Exams

1. Log in or join as Bee-Pro/ Bee-Elite members

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  • Please make sure you use the same email registered as a Bee-Pro/ Bee-Elite member to log in. 

2. Full Version Mock Exam welcome email

  • You would have received a full version mock exam welcome email when you registered as Bee-Pro/ Bee-Elite members
  • The username and password mentioned in the email are for the next step
  • You can change your mock exam preference anytime. 

3. Full Version Mock Exam Log in 

  • The mock exam practice system is built separately from the main website
  • You can only view and click the “Full version mock exam log in” button after you have logged in as Bee-Pro/ Bee-Elite member.
  • After you have clicked the button, it is time to fill in the username (e.g. BPxxxxxx) and password mentioned on the welcome email. 

4. Enjoy knowledge checking on Bee Prepared

  • Practice and prepare for the certification exam anytime, anywhere with no limitation on answer submission
  • Answers, explanations, result in analyses and pictures to support your knowledge check journey. 

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