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1. Asmita Mack, CFA, lives in the country of Onionland. Each morning, Asmita crosses the border to the neighboring country of WDC where she manages client portfolios. This morning, a positive earnings report was announced for HawkBlack, Inc. (ticker KANE). Asmita would like to invest in the stock and believes it would benefit her clients as well. WDC has a law that restricts portfolio managers from investing in securities owned by their clients. Onionland has no such law.

To comply with the Standard, what is the minimum that Asmita must do?

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2. The percentage returns for a stock for a 5-year period are provided below:

2008: 12%
2009: 9%
2010: -2%
2011: 12%
2012: 8%

What is the standard deviation of the stock returns? You should treat the 5 year period as the population, not as a sample.

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3. The exchange rate between two currencies has decreased to 101.34. The price currency has appreciated by 7.5 percent against the base currency. The initial exchange between the two currencies was closest to:

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4. Haspiess Systems, Inc. and Signicomp Manufacturing enter into a netted interest rate swap, with a notional USD75M. Haspiess will pay a fixed 5%, and Signicomp will pay LIBOR + 75bp. LIBOR is 3.5%.

The first semiannual payment will be closest to:

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5. The early 21st century saw a few significant stresses on the stock market. The markets dipped deeper and more quickly than many were expecting might happen.

Which of the following statistical metrics most accurately describes this event?

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