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1. Medialink is an American company specializing in business intelligence consulting. One of Medialink’s current project is a 2-year commitment with Isotics, with a total estimated revenue of USD2.0 million and estimated cost of USD1.0 million. Costs are expected to be spread out evenly over each month.

After the first month, under IFRS, Medialink’s recognized revenue is expected to be closest to:

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2. Management fees in private equity are ________ those in hedge funds in that _________.

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3. Haspiess Systems, Inc. and Signicomp Manufacturing enter into a netted interest rate swap, with a notional USD75M. Haspiess will pay a fixed 5%, and Signicomp will pay LIBOR + 75bp. LIBOR is 3.5%.

The first semiannual payment will be closest to:

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4. A portfolio manager has a tight tracking error of 50 basis points. The manager expects to be within this tracking error for a given quarter 85% of the time.

If that expectation is correct and each quarter is independent, the probability that the manager is within the tracking error for at least 7 of the next 8 quarters is closest to:

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5. Keisha is looking to avoid purchasing power risk as much as possible. She should consider investing in which type of security?

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