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Just hop into the seat, take control and fly! Practise
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Sidestick gives the exact experience of an airline pilot’s
everyday flight. Trainings are provided by Professional
Airline Pilots.

– Visual Circuit Flying
– Touch and Go-around Flying

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5 questions would be shown from a total of 30 free practice questions to prepare you for the cadet pilot interview. Enjoy!

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1. Most weather reported in a METAR observation is within _____ of the airport's location point.

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2. A wing is typically designed to stall from ___ to ___, resulting in more effective aileron control during the stall.

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3. Engine detonation is ________.

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4. In an aircraft with an aft center of gravity (CG), the nose will more easily pitch ___ than an aircraft in a forward CG configuration.

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5. Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 forces that act on an aircraft in straight-and-level, unaccelerated flight?"

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About The Quiz

Source : Boldmethod, NASA,
Simple Flying, PPRuNe Forums

Question number: 30 questions

Question format: multiple choice

About: Aerodynamics, Meteorology,
Aircraft General Knowledge

About AERO320

Aero 320 is a professional flight simulator training provider based in Hong Kong, founded by a local airline pilot. Selected by Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD), courses include real world International Airlines procedures. Various levels of trainings are provided by Professional Airline Pilots.

Our vision is to provide airline-standard professional simulator training, and promote aviation knowledge to the community through amazing simulator experience. We emphasize on Authentic Cockpit, Advanced Software and Professional Pilot Instructors.


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