You are currently viewing 5 Suggestions On How To Balance A Full-time Job And CFA Exam Studies So As To Stand Out In The Job Market [2022 Updated]

5 Suggestions On How To Balance A Full-time Job And CFA Exam Studies So As To Stand Out In The Job Market [2022 Updated]

The number of MBAs, CFA charter holders, and other professionals is growing daily, but employment opportunities are not. So, having the right qualifications might not be enough. Here is the tried-and-true method for balancing them all! Although the CFA exam will be used as an example, the same principles apply to any professional designation you wish to pursue.


Yes, you have the necessary training or credentials, but how effectively can you use them in the workplace? You can gain a lot from qualifications, such as knowledge and respect, but not always the necessary skills. What are some necessary skills? You must be an expert at advanced Excel and financial modelling if you want to succeed in advisory, equity research, asset management, FP & A, risk management, etc. An important skill is report writing. Even if you are a master of Excel, what good is it if you can’t communicate with your clients through writing that is compelling, clear, and concise? Particularly if you’re a trader or an equity researcher, coding skills are helpful.

Have firm start and end times for studying

Early on, you start teaching yourself time management techniques that will come in handy when taking exams. But more importantly, you avoid missing out on work, social, or family time due to a lack of discipline, which fosters resentment and may divert your attention from your study goals (e.g. if it causes arguments).

Know The Business

Any industry your company operates in—broking, asset management, real estate, private equity, or anything else—you should be intimately familiar with. Know how the company operates. Learn about the essential procedures, essential inputs (and their price dynamics), essential business and financial metrics, essential business and financial risks, essential mitigation for these risks, etc. Apply this knowledge to your business to determine how it is doing and any gaps. Determine how you can participate and contribute.

Initiate Special Projects

You will recognize gaps and potential areas for improvement given your expertise in and enthusiasm for the industry. Start something new that is valuable by stepping in. Offer suggestions for ways to cut costs and participate in the project. Participate in the launch of a new product or service that you suggest.

Remember to look after yourself and have some life

Make sure you get enough sleep, as this has a significant impact on your memory, recall, and comprehension of CFA topics. If you don’t get enough sleep, schedule enough time in your day to catch up, especially before the big exam day. What you put into your body is extremely important. Make sure you eat well and purchase the proper foods for your preparation, and try to limit your alcohol intake (at least until after the exams).

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