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First Aid Certificate Mock Exam


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1. 下列哪一項並非消化系統的作用:

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2. 於濃煙之環境下,可使用哪種方法搬運傷病者?

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3. 下列哪一項身體功能並非由主神經系統主管?

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4. 成人正常的體溫為攝氏〈℃〉幾多度?

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5. 腦部缺氧幾多分鐘後,可導致無法治療的損傷?

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A. 考試內容:

1. 筆試 – 選擇題30題 (限時20分鐘,答對15題或以上為合格)

2. 實習試

– 心肺復蘇法

– 外出血急救處理 (限時6分鐘)

– 骨折急救處理 (限時6分鐘)

B. 證書:


出席率不少於80% (以節數計算)


C. 證書續期:

在證書逾期前或逾期後六個月內,學員可報讀急救證書重溫課程 (SFAR),並須通過考試,才再取得三年有效之急救證書。

D. 補考安排:

一至兩科不及格者可申請補考 (RE) 一次,並須於第一次考試日期起計六個月內完成各項補考,費用為港幣150元 (一科) 及 港幣250元 (兩科)

三科或以上不及格者,須重新報讀 (本會將收取課程全費)


E. 資料來源


First aid is the immediate care given to a person who has been injured or has been suddenly ill.  It includes both self-help and home care if medical assistance is not available or delayed.  First aid knowledge not only means the difference between life and death but also helps you to determine the sequence and the priority of first-aid treatments during an emergency situation so that the greatest possible good may be accomplished for the greatest number of people.

A. Examination Contents:

1. Written examination

–  30 Multiple Choice Questions (complete within 20 minutes, passing score is 15 correct answers)

2. Practical examination

–  Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

–  Bleeding Management (complete within 6 minutes)

–  Fracture Management (complete within 6 minutes)

B. Certificate:

Students should fulfil the following criteria in order to get the Standard First Aid Certificate which is recognized by the HKSAR Government with 3 years validity.

At least 80% attendance (counted by session). Pass in both written and practical examinations

C. Certificate Renewal:

Before the expiry date of the certificate or within 6 months after the expiry date of the certificate, participants can attend a Standard First Aid Certificate Refresher Course (SFAR) and pass the examinations to renew their certificates with 3 years validity.

D. Re-examination:

Candidates with 1 or 2 parts failed in the examination can apply for re-examination (RE) once. A fee of HK$150 (1 part) and HK$250 (2 parts) will be charged. All re-examination should be taken within 6 months from the date of the first examination.

Candidates with 3 or all parts failed are required to retake the whole first aid course. (Full fee will be charged)

First aid knowledge and skills promote safety awareness in-home, at work, at play, on streets and highways. Through studying first aid, a person is prepared to assist others wisely.  He is able to distinguish between what to do and what not to do.

E. Sources

Organisations that provide first aid certification courses are recognised by the HKSAR Government, including the Hong Kong St. John Ambulance, the Hong Kong Red Cross, the Occupational Safety and Health Council and the Auxiliary Medical Service. 


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